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    Hi All,

    So I found a new Pre 3 on ebay that was listed as having 8GB of space. I've found some buyers on ebay stating that their 8GB Pre 3's actually turned out to be 16GB. My question is, is there any identifier on the box/label that shows one from the other? The seller says there is no marking on the outside of the box but it might be because he doesn't know where to look. Can anyone help me out with this? Thanks in advance for all your help.
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    My understanding is that only the UK/EU Pre 3 is 8gb. Both the Verizon and at&t ones are 16gb.

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    Yeah the people who list those things don't know what they're talking about. The USA models will all be 16GB
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    Awesome. Thanks for the clarification!
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    I actually read awhile ago that webosinternals switched the 16 gb storage from the U.S. Pre 3 and put it in the European pre 3, essentially making several 16 gb European pre 3's and several 8gb U.S. Pre 3's. This may be what he's selling.

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    johnsonx42 reports that eBay always lists Verizon Pre 3 automatically as 8gb even though they are 16gb... A system error that only a few listers correct by editing the title.
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