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    I have an ATT Pre 3. It start working slow so I try to doctor it. When doctoring, "device cannot be reset" appeared on the PC and an image of an an arrow over a memory on the phone. I can not eject the phone because Palm Novacom still running and phone does not respond.
    Any comments?
    Thank you
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    Could you attach a log? Doctor should make a log in either your profile directory or temporary directory.
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    kill the novacom process is all you can do if its stuck . Task manager .
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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    Thank you GMMan, Can not find any related log.
    End the novacom process but the device still with the same picture and unresponsive.
    Should wait until battery drains?
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    Don't do that. Instead press and hold Power, then toggle the ringer switch three times. Or press Option+Sym+R at the same time, and wait for a reboot.
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    OK, I found where Doctor writes logs. If you're on Windows, type "%temp%" (without quotes) into the Address Bar of Explorer. The file you're looking is "PalmWebOsRecoveryToolLog0.log.0". This file will contain information from all of your Doctor sessions, so if you want trim the file a little. Rename its extension to .txt, and then upload it to the forums in the form of an attachment.
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    OK, I rebooted and still does not work fine. Battery is not charging well, I swap battery from another UK Pre3 and retried to doctor, the same message.
    A memory chipset problem? Never doctored before.
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    It looks like a couple of your file systems are corrupt, and the flasher is tripping over them. It appears Doctor reformats them, but somehow they come back corrupted. Try formatting them manually. Connect to your phone with Novacom, and run this command:

    mkdosfs -f 1 -s 64 /dev/store/media
    I don't know why reformatting the media partition would help (the logs indicate problems with store-log and store-var), but apparently it worked for someone.

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