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    So here's an interesting problem that just started last night for me (or maybe earlier). I cannot send text messages unless I go into a prior conversation. Clicking new message in the app or doing it from Just Type won't send it. When it tries, I get the spinning progress bar and then a blank screen. And even then, I had a 50/50 shot of the message actually going through (out of the 4 I tried sending). I tried deleting older conversations to no avail. I restarted but haven't had a need to text yet to see if that did it. Could this be related to a file cache that's full? Anything else that I should investigate? I never had this issue on my Pixi with years worth of texts in it...
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    I just got on here to figure out the exact same issue. Help anyone. I was planning to try and reset or doctor it to see if that worked.

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