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    So I have been experiencing a new issue with my ATT Pre3.

    About a month or so ago when typing text messages the phone would randomly duplicate characters I input.

    Say I press "a" on the keyboard. The phone would put "aaa" on the screen even though it was only pressed once.

    It became so bad I doctored my phone to see if it was just a software issue. After I doctored it got a little better, but the issue is starting to rear its ugly head again.

    Has anyone else come across this? I searched the pre3 sub-forum and haven't found anything.

    Any idea? I vaguely remember an app that was supposed to allow users to change setting on the keyboard like time pressed to character repeat or something, but I have had no luck finding such an app.
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    last few weeks same issue. Have not doctored. Sad reminder of disaster pre+ on vzw.
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    I was having that issue a while back and I became so annoyed with it. What I did and seemed to work was I opened a new memo and slid my thumb across all the keys, back and forth several times. It perhaps kind of re-seated the keys and since then the issue and been pretty much resolved.
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    This is a known issue with the Pre3. I have to always check to see if I am double typing characters when inputting passwords online. In fact, it happened three times just typing this post. Thank goodness autocorrect is decent.

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