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    I have been using my pre3 (French Free Network) since a year now.

    I'm using a theme, preware, and few apps but nothing crazy (i dont know much about it)

    However, i'm a big fan of patches which is I think the source of my recent troubles.

    1/ It is impossible for me to uninstall Advanced System Prefs - Framework, which causes my Pre3 to experience several bugs, as not showing other patches (e.g. i had the 'sent contacts by email' which worked perfectly before that, or the 'show X in device menu' which does not show anything anymore.

    When i try to unistall it, it just ends by an error. (i tried to reboot)

    2/ I'm not able to delete contacts. When i do so, nothing happens even if i relaunch the app.

    (minor issue: 3/ Sometimes i receive strange texts, mixing old ones and new ones, as it only happens with the person i text the most i dont know if its due to the Pre or the other person.)

    In order to resolve these bugs, should i reset completely my Pre3 (using the Doctor) or is there any other solution?

    Thank you,

    HP Pre3 User [FR]
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    first I would doctor your phone and re-add preware then I would download uberkernal and use that . Even if you don't overclock it. It has several changes in it that help the preł keep from lagging.
    are the contacts your trying to delete facebook contacts ? If so you won't be able to delete except through facebook .
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    I found it's not usually worthwhile to Doctor a device unless you have a showstopping problem. You can try using the emergency patch uninstaller if you want to start over. I'm not sure though, if it restores the original stock files. (The two times I Doctored for WiFi issues didn't really solve them. The answer was to change wireless channels. So much wasted effort.)

    For 3, it seems to be a known issue with network carriers, not the device itself. I can't quote the thread off the top of my head, but search around and you can find more info on it.
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    I have had problems on my original pre3 with the advanced system framework.

    Since i got a second Pre3 off epay its worked fine as i installed it before all the other patches.
    The above might suggest that the Emergency patch recovery would help.
    Running WebOS v2.24 on HPalm Pre3
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    @Shadavis08: I dont have any lagg problem, i dont think i got your point there. For my contacts they are phone contacts, not facebook or anything else :s

    @GMMan Thank you for your answer

    @trott3r: I didnt find the Emergency patch on preware, could you be more specific please?

    Thanks for your answers, if someone have a precise idea of what to do it would be great, i have no idea of what to do to fix these bugs
    HP Pre3 User [FR]
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    Open Preware, then open Available Others, then open Lunix Applications, then open Utilities and scroll down and try the Emergency Reconstruction Utility. If that doesn't fix it then you will have to use the Emergency Pach Recovery app. This will remove all of your patches so after it is finished and you do a Luna Restart, then you will have to reload all of your patches again.

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