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    Here's a head scratcher:

    I found out if I was streaming music on Edge any inbound calls went to voice mail without any sign they had came in.

    This was while using Net2Streams.

    I could call out OK.

    This worked find on Sprint with my Pre and Pre 2.

    Phone? Carrier? App?
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    Well on Sprint your stream should have got interrupted.

    I would say try a different audio app first to see if that changes the phones action.

    I have no experience with T-Mo so I am of no help there. I can't imagine it is the phone if it is sending straight to voicemail.

    Other thing, any chance you have any call reject patches installed that could be tweaking?
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    EDGE doesn't allow simultaneous data and voice. Neither does the CDMA technologies but I believe 1x and Ev-Do at least have different antennae whereas GSM & EDGE are the same. It would make sense then why calls go to voicemail as your phone is basically off the voice network while using data. Alternatively it might be because the Palm GSM phones only fall back to GPRS/EDGE, and never GSM, so GPRS/EDGE is used for both voice & data as opposed to using GSM for voice. Just my speculations...
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