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    My Pre3 has semi-died with some kind of power switch problem which is causing it to turn itself on and off rapidly (too quickly to even unlock it). Doctoring hasn't helped.

    Anyway, since there's sweet FA chance of getting it repaired by HP I saw mentioned elsewhere in these forums, and they had a UK arm, so I thought I'd ask for a quote. They've just asked for the phone to be sent to them before they can quote. Fair enough, but suddenly I'm feeling a bit insecure about sending my beloved Pre3 off to people I know next to nothing about.

    So does anyone else have any experience of them or heard any rumours positive or negative?
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    I have no idea
    anyone else?
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    Sorry, never heard of them
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    Sorry you're gonna be on your own. Best to keep the phone for spare parts or something and buy my brand new AT&T pre3 16GB.

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