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    My Pre3 plastic "ring" that goes around the screen is cracked at the upper right corner, almost in line with the screen on/off button and I have no idea why it appeared.

    It didn't fall or suffered any hard blow so I'm clueless on what happened.

    Does anyone have such a problem?

    I know that Pre3 spare parts are like unicorns, but is there any chance that I can swap this, or do I have to find a donor phone?
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    I dropped my Pre 3 onto concrete when my phone was only a month old, I thought crap, I already have to break out my backup Pre 3 but only the plastic ring was cracked at the top left corner, the glass screen came out of the mishap unscathed. I'm not OCD about little things like this with my phone, along as the phone works and the screen is ok. I'm good. That was 10 months ago and there has been no other side effects from the crack. If you don't mind a little cosmetic crack, your Pre 3 should be fine
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    Worse comes to worst, bit of glue should do it enough. I press together the ends of mine n the crack is almost invisible
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