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    I can't decide. I love webOS but the iPhone 5 looks pretty nice with all the features. but the Pre3 also looks nice too. HELP
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    Buy a Pre 2 and wait for BB10.
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    I'm sure the eye-phone 5 is superior, but I'm sticking with my year-old Pre 3.
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    it doesn't matter what you get....NOTHING matches webOS for function.....the apps will make up for a lot, but not the way webOS works...I have an iphone 4s and my touchpad makes me nostalgic every time I use it...
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    It depends if you want support or not.
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    If it would be possible/available, I would go for iPhone 5 with WebOS in it

    I can dream, can't I?
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    Pre3 does not have turn-by-turn navigation, battery is barely enough for a working day (8h).
    Definitely iPhone 5 is my next phone. I also like SONY Xperia P but it is a "stolen product".
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    Why is this even up for discussion?
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    Quote Originally Posted by koolkid09 View Post
    Why is this even up for discussion?
    I agree
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    coming from an apple obsessor: Pre 3

    nuff said.
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    Pre3. You don't need to get apps for functionality that should be there from the get-go (USB drive), utilizes Linux as it's backbone so everything can be tailored to your usage habits to optimize performance, battery life is great and you can carry a spare battery (instead of looking like an ***** begging people to use their outlets), etc. iPhone, in terms of functionality, really isn't that much better than POS 5, except that it's stable and has 3G/4G.

    I know I mentioned great battery life, but that's been my observation. Running a ondemandtcl governor going from 768-1.2, I can get a full day usage (when I wake up at 5 until I got to bed at 10). Provided I do run Edge only (I'm on T-Mo), I couldn't even get close to this on my Pixi, running slower. That's also w/ good browsing at lunch hour. But again, that all depends on your own usage.
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    The IPhone 5 is the IPhone 4 with bigger screen. The rest, you can do the same things with IPhone 4 or 4s.

    I'll gonna continue with my PrPrPr $for$ $a$ $long$ $time$...

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    Get the Pre 2 as a companion to the $299 Amazon 8.9" HD Fire.
    I just bought a Pre 2. There is no doubt in my mind WebOS is superior and I will use my Pre 2 for years.
    I will use it for phone and quick out of pocket internet, email and other typical smartphone stuff.

    The Pre 2 really comes into its own though as a sister device to a bigger tablet. You can Hotspot from the Pre 2, talk on the phone, and use the tablet for everything else.

    Pre 2 at Straightalk saves you approx $1800 over 2 years versus an iPhone 5 contract.
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    Unless you *need* apps Pre3 all the way.

    If you are not locked into VZW (per your signature), I would say GSM Pre3 (cheaper) on Straight Talk (again cheaper).

    Between my Pre3 and TouchPad I have a ton of apps I don't get enough use out of, there literally is a couple apps like maybe 2 or 3 that I would *like* but I am not sad daily that I don't have them. If I had them they would probably be underused like so many other apps I have.

    My other big personal thing is physical keyboard, I do not like VKB and yes I did try and older iPhone and I was not happy with the VKB. Veer, Pre2, and Pre3 all made me much happier than the VKB on iPhone. I text A LOT.

    In the end nobody can tell you what to get, it is about your personal needs. When I am at work I sit in front of a desktop computer so I don't have some of the mobile needs you may have, if I have a need for mobile computing I have access to my offices laptop, etc. If I had a greater need for some of the apps some people need, I could always dual boot one of my touchpads with either Linux or Android. If I was going to do anything beyond what I use my phone for I would be using my TP.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Nokia Lumia 920 :P
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    I think I'll buy iPod Touch 5, due to iPhone 5 nano-sim will be a problem for me in my country, at least until iPhone 5 really officially available. Import from other country seems useless if it can't accept my sim card.

    iOS for me only worth for gaming. Nothing less, nothing more.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorhead777 View Post
    Buy a Pre 2 and wait for BB10.
    Screw crackberry. (Not the site)
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    spare batteries can get damaged. Also extra $$ for me
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    I'm on the the share everything plan with 5 other family members. plan price is no matter
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    Hmm maybe used iPhone 5 for backup and HP Pre3 for daily driver
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