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    need pre 3 gmaes links.. Plz Help me.
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    you can use apptuckerbox to install some touchpad games if you have them, some work, some dont, some work but orient the wrong way.
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    BooKoos in app catalog

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    BooKoos works on a Pre 3?
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    Almost all Hexage Touchpad/HD apps work when copied from the touchpad or installed to the pre3 via apptuckerbox or copied over wifi using shiftyaxels wifi app.

    list of current touchpad apps i have on my pre3, that work perfectly and orient correctly.

    Robotek HD
    Radiant Defense
    Radiant HD
    Totemo HD
    Aftermath XHD
    Atlantis Sky Patrol HD
    Azada HD
    Ground Effect Pro XHD
    Sparkle HD

    had more on than that but have limited space atm, also have some pre2 games crammed on which dont seem to be flagged for the pre3 anymnore on the app cat (still aquireable via apptucker if bought previously).
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    GRave Defence HD and Living Dead Defense by Art of Bytes both work great on the Pre3 and are in HD quality using the full screen as well (and are wonderfully addictive)
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    there's also the all time classic dope wars available in preware. so simple, yet so addicting! "The marrakech express has arrived! Pot is cheap"
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