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    I was in Vegas and got 3g coverage on T-Mobile near the airport on my Pre3. It went back to Edge in other parts of the city though.
    How is this possible? Could it be that T-Mobile leased out additional towers from some other carrier?
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    Did it show 3g or H+?

    T-Mo is in the process of moving it's H+ to the bands formerly occupied by Edge so that their 1700 band can carry LTE traffic. You may have been in an updated zone near the airport...

    I'm not thoroughly conversant with Pre 3, does it show 3g in place of H+? My Veer shows H+ and not 3g so it might also be in part due to the icons available on your top bar.
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    It showed 3G. Do the new bands increase speeds for cellphones also because my speeds seemed higher than usual edge speeds.
    I don't know if the Pre3 shows H+ so, you may be right when you said it was just showing whatever icons were available.
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    Good to hear they are finally moving west...
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