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    I have a lot of problems on my pre3, but I have the feeling they are due to a single cause:

    - it started with the camera app not initializing (icon spinning around)
    - internalz file browser stays block with the spinning icom on the last directory I used it
    - preware can't read from saved app database (otherwise it works seemingly OK)
    - save-restore app does not work (again only the spinning icon) THAT's BAD!
    - stock music player sees the music files, but won't play them (time stays at 0:00)
    - no sound except gesture noises
    - TuneIn internet radio app is out
    - alarms: when I try to set them, they go on briefly when touching the slider, then off again. but some how they seen to have kept an old setting, it still rings some days. Impossible to play a different sound than the stock "dingdong".
    - amigo music player gives error "com.palm.mediadb is not running" and stays with a "welcome amigo" empty screen
    - can't update free apps from app catalog or only very slowly, after many trials
    - can't update paid apps or buy new ones form the app catalog
    - the "wetter" weather report app show an empty screen
    - "Bahnfahren" train time table app does not keep preferences
    - Impossible to view the videos on youtube, as well as with the "TED conference" app, again there is only the spinning icon on the first image of the video, or on the black screen
    - Picsel smart office does not even start
    - exchange won't connect any more (BAD)
    - It stopped receiving SMS text messages, a couple of days ago! (VERY BAD!)
    That SMS issue really tops it up and I have to do something.

    What still works:
    - web browsing (wifi and 3G)
    - email (except connection to exchange)
    - small apps like calculator etc.
    - map tools openstreetmap app, including downloading of map tiles for offline use
    - access to USB drive from PC

    Sorry for the long post but as you see the pre3 is severely crippled and has changed from a very reliable useful smartphone to an unreliable thingy.
    It is an UK Pre3 bought a couple of months ago with 2.2.0. I installed my usual apps, I OTAed to 2..2.4, then continued to use it normally. Then it started with the symptoms above which grow worse and worse, or maybe also they were all there from the beginning but I did not notice them (I was on holiday...).

    My theory is that there is a problem with the access by the phone to the USB partition.

    I would love all help and advice, thanks in advance!
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    I think you might be running out of disk space, or have failing flash memory (which should not happen this soon). Have you tried diagnostics?
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    @GMMan: thanks for the hint about the diagnostics, I had never used them.
    Everything is OK except for headphones where there is no sound.

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    And there is 0.7GB free space which should be OK

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    Did you have patches before the OTA ?
    If yes, did you manually remove them before allowing the OTA ?
    If yes, which ones ?

    Stock kernel ?

    Anyway I think the simplest solution would be a doctor, but with a full erase before (probably).
    I wonder if invoking an **** from novaterm would alternatively help ( think the filesystem has some issues)
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    @mazzinia: Well that's maybe the point...
    I have a inheritance of patches and apps, some of which date back from the Pre...
    Maybe the OTA was done with the uberkernel, I don't remember.
    With the problems went back to stock kernel, but phone is useless with too many "too many cards".
    Anyway it did not better things.
    What is the **** thing with novaterm?

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    Accessing Linux Using Novaterm - WebOS Internals

    now, the instructions there are in part not needed, because I assume you enabled dev mode time ago. What matters is the novaterm program ( see links inside ) that allow you to open a terminal to the phone.

    From there you can check the filesystem

    I suppose that xTerm etc installed on the phone would be equivalent****
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    @mazzinia: what do you mean by a "full erase"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zzlazz View Post
    @mazzinia: what do you mean by a "full erase"?
    Completely wipe everything on the phone. Back it up, nuke the usb contents, etc etc, then doctor it.

    Correct me if I'm wrong
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    you should do a complete wipe of the phone and then use webOS doctor 2.2.4 and that should fix the issues.
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
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