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    A few days ago I got my Pre3 wet (first and last time I ever go for a run in the rain).

    The Pre3 worked fine the first hour, but then the screen would shut off. You could sort-of see a dim light when you hit on, but nothing would appear on the screen.

    I took it apart, let it dry (a bit), and then rebooted. The HP logo would appear, though i got lots of white horizontal lines, and when it finished booting, it turned dark again, before it showed the ATT screen.

    Waited a bit more, it then booted with the HP logo, no white lines, but went dark again.

    Eventually the thing started up, and worked fine. But then, once I turned it off long enough, the screen stopped working, again.

    It seems to boot about 25% of the time, if you connect it to a power source via USB.

    I ran the diagnostics, it passed all tests.

    I just doctored it, and got a big scare when it stayed black when I got to the reset stage. Once I unplugged it from the computer, plugged it into the wall, the screen lit up and I can see the initial steps...

    Did I fry the hardware? The proximity sensor?

    When the screen goes black, I can still answer a call by pulling out the keyboard. All the apps and data appear to be fine (well, they did, before the doctoring).

    Any help?

    PS- is this the type of Karma I get from giving away a Verizon Pre3?
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    don't know if this will help at thispoint but in general if your phone or other electronic device gets wet you should immediatly pull the battery and bury your device in rice. yes rice, dry rice, for a few days. the rice will absorb any moisture that has worked its way into the device and gives the best chance for survival. i've seen it work for the most ridiculous of cases. oh and uncle bens rice works pretty good too.
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    I agree with looptee.

    Leave off SOME DAYS, until that the internal device gonna be very dry.

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    Absolutely, go with the rice option. My little Veer took a swim in a glass of unsweetened tea about two weeks ago (interesting story in and of itself, suffice it to say it was completely submerged for at least five seconds. Thank goodness I drink unsweet, if it'd had sugar in it, it'd been a goner for sure.) I powered it off immediately, blew as much liquid out as possible with a hair dryer on the cool setting, and then buried it in rice for three days.

    Popped it out, turned it on, and it powered up - but my touchscreen was very flaky. Powered it off, and buried it in rice again for two more days... and now it works like a champ. The trick is to get every drop of that moisture out, and the rice will do it - just need to give it time.

    Best of luck!
    -= Gihmley =-

    Alas, poor WebOS... we barely knew ye...
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    ok, good news - it seems doctoring fixed it...

    Speaking of rice, this whole thing happened minutes before my first trip to Japan and Korea. I was SO, SO excited to finally have a GSM phone. Up to this point, I was on Sprint/CDMA for a dozen years, and always spent half of any big trip trying to get my unlocked Visorphone/Centro/whatever working with some weird foreign carrier.

    I was dropping off the family at the airport, about to turn on ATT directions to get to the off-airport parking site, and noticed the phone was dead... My wonderful wife gave me a look of "you-*****-we-are-going-to-run-around-gsm-stores-again-oh-i-really-do-feel-bad-I-know-you-love-that-phone-you-*****-good-luck-finding-parking"

    So happy ending. It seems to roam fine on a bunch of Korean and Japanese carriers.

    Now to find a cheap unlocked GSM phone for my son (his nokia doesn't have 2100, and this is the excuse I have to hit the electronic thrift stores...).
    Visor Deluxe->Visor Prism/Digital Link->Treo 650->Treo 700p->Pre->GSM Unlocked Pre 2 (wifi only)->FrankenPre + Touchpad 32 ->+ Touchpad 4G ATT + ATT Pre3 + 64 White Touchpad... bliss.

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