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    dear group,

    i have an unactivated VZW Pre3 I want to get started with to take over from a Pre+, and notice that the screen, while active and lit, stays very dim. It didn't do this originally, and the phone has been kept in a drawer for a few months. Charges fine and displays activation screen. (wanted to start by doctoring it).

    Have looked over the threads on screen dim and didn't see anything specific to this situation.

    Anyone else run into this or any suggestions how to correct back to a normally lit screen?

    many thanks,

    james h
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    one additional thing i just noticed:

    i put it in developer mode and was able to access screen and moved brightness slider all the way to the right.

    made a slight improvement, and noticed it's much dimmer near top of screen than down by gesture area. and in that area, i can almost see a number of LED's, or what appear like them, at bottom across base.

    thanks, james
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    doctor'd it to 2.2.4(up from 2.2.0)and still have that same dim screen.

    can anyone help or suggest next course? hoping I can use this phone finally - thanks very much


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