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    I'm on a Pre 3 (AT&T) with Straight Talk

    First it was gTalk that stopped showing buddies, then I noticed other things were failing (Email not syncing and so forth). I tried the google talk login patch, but that had no affect. I, of course, then removed the entire google account and attempted to readd it.

    Now I'm getting the spinning login wheel which goes on into oblivion.

    [EDIT] After letting it sit for about 20 minutes, it came back with a red "Unknown Error". I looked this up, but the password does not have any restricted special characters in it, so this isn't an issue (I did try installing the google patch for this anyway, but it didn't help).

    I have another gmail account which I only use for email (no calendar, messaging or contacts), but when attempting to enable messaging (just to test it), it also spins in the signing on message.

    I shut the device down completely and then waited a minute before rebooting (did this about 6 times while adding a removing various Google account sync patches), but it still will not allow me to add the google account back.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I just finished Doctoring it for another issue, and I finally got it set up again. I'm really not that fond of Doctoring twice in 3 days, especially for how long it takes to get set up just so.
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    I didn't really fix it, but the problem did go away after much work (and doctoring)

    Yesterday afternoon I noticed that it wasn't just gmail that was failing, but ALL text message were failing to come through. So...

    1. I doctored my phone upon arriving home from work, I couldn't wait for a fix.
    2. The phone would not activate with my webOS account so I doctored it again but still nothing. It kept failing, saying that my profile was not available at this time. <- This was my first hint
    3. Doctored again
    4. Activation still failed, so I bypassed it. Bypass Activation [webOS 2.x] | webOS Nation
    5. I ignored the "this won't for for GSM devices" note on that page and reset the Palm Profile
    6. I launched the Activation (this time with the wifi profile setup) and it succeeded in spite of the note about GSM devices.
    7. My phone was set itself up flawlessly.

    After working to get it all setup over night, I went to bed and then off to work in the morning.

    Once I arrived at work, I noticed that it wasn't working at all anymore. No data was coming through at all.
    I figured the SIM card was probably bad, so I pulled it a reseated it, just to check to see if that would help before ordering. Well, I wish I'd have thought of that yesterday, because I have a feeling that that was the problem all along.

    Whenever my internet goes down, I just unplug and plug back the router. I don't reformat my computer and wonder what's wrong. Yet, in many senses, that's exactly what I did with my phone.

    Some times the problem just exists between the keyboard and the chair.

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