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    I recently purchased a Pre 3 via ebay. The phone when activated gets data. I posted this on another thread about what could be wrong but now I think the phone part of the unit is defective. Anyone out there have experience with this and if so, how did you fix it? (That is, if you were able to.) I might note that while I was on the phone with the Verizon rep, they were able to bits and pieces of the phone on the data side but not at all on the cell side. Any insight would be greatly appreciate. Thanks!
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    Had this problem with a pre2. the modem board was garbage or something. had to take one from another one i got. im guessing your pre3 is garbage and i would try and send it back or start searching for another phone.

    there are some tests you can do in the app device management i think it called. drop down the top menu.
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    "Quick Tests"
    "Interactive Tests"
    in the menu of the Device Info app.
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    Yes, did quick test and got a 1000 error on the modem. Chatted with "tech support" for HP/Palm and was summarily dismissed with a "We don't support this item and you should check with your cell carrier or go back to the place where you bought it." line. I'm guessing I will have to try and get another since I don't think Europe would have the proper parts for this phone since they don't use CDMA over there.
  5. #5 alot of these stores are veteren owned. They are a huge franchise. Give them a try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Motorhead777 View Post alot of these stores are veteren owned. They are a huge franchise. Give them a try.
    Thanks for the info. I have requested a quote. Will post what I find so that others in the same situation may benefit.
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    Follow up: Today I took the phone to a place that repairs cell phones and the final word is that there is something amiss with the hardware in this phone. They are not equipped to fix it as they don't do board level repairs and really probably don't have a starting point since this phone was never officially released in the U.S. and thus receives no support from the manufacturer. Thanks to everyone for all their helpful posts.
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    So what are you going to do with the phone then?
    BlackBerry or WebOS!!! NEVER ANDROID!!!

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