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    I have always used screen protectors on my Pre's. From the beginning the Boxwave product was my favorite....easy to install and durable. I especially liked the Clear Touch Anti Glare version which, with its slight matte finish, allowed me to use a screen that swiped perfectly but avoided the "greasy smear" that is so prevalent after even a few hours use.

    Alas, my Pre3 wasn't to get a Boxwave. Not enough demand for a screen protector on a product never issued to the public in this country by HP. But, thank goodness, the Pre3 was manufactured before it was killed so, eventually, the phone supply has come to market. I love my new Verizon Pre3's...but what to do about screen protectors?

    I somewhat skeptically ordered two different models of the Vikuiti 3M product sold in Germany by They were running a buy 2 get 3 promotion with free shipping. These 6 protectors, after currency conversion, and including delivery from Germany cost $8.28 a piece...less than the $12.98 Boxwave product.

    The two versions I bought look surprising like the Boxwave Clear Touch Anti Glare and Crystal products. Here's the rundown. Both are precisely cut to fit the entire gorilla glass front of the Pre 3. There is a precision cut for the speaker and front camera. Its a bit tricky to line up the front camera hole since its exactly the size of the camera opening, not leaving much up/down and left/right wiggle room. The product installed just as the Boxwave product did. Get the glass perfectly clean with no dust. Peel back the top and carefully align with the openings and then slide down pushed by a credit card. First installation was dust and no bubbles. I've learned that this type of protector is somewhat forgiving. If you get dust under it just peal back and using a piece of scotch tape on your finger dab at the dust particle to remove. You can even entirely remove the protector, wash it with gentle soap and water and reinstall. Not needed, tho.

    I see no issues with swiping or the proximity least in daylight. I haven't tried the front facing camera but dont' expect any problems there...and frankly havent used it since I got the phone. This product protects the glass face only. There is nothing on sides or back fo the phone...and I"m OK with that since this is the softrouch material anyway.

    I installed the anti glare first and will leave this on for the next few days. Although you can see the matte finish when you hold it to a light it is less troublesome than the reflection that same light would have against the gorilla glass. In my experience with the Boxwave anti glare that also means less trouble with reflections when you're outside during the day. The product claims "easily removable" and I see no reason to doubt as the product had no stick residue on the clear backing that was removed at installation. Here are the two models I bought

    1. DQCM30 - this is the Anti Glare version. Package states "hard-coated", "easy to clean", "easily mountable" and "easily removable".

    2. ADQC27 - this is the "crystal clear" version. It appears transparent and although it also states "anti-reflective", it does show a clear reflection of a desk lamp bulb where the anti glare simply showed a warm diffusion of the light, not the reflection. Package also states "hard-coated", "easy to clean", "easily mountable" and "easily removable."

    Both products appear to be of equal weight and were equally priced. It would simply be a matter of personal taste regarding the reflectivity. If the anti glare works as I expect it will be the product that I stick with.

    In summary I'm pleased. Who knows how long the product will be around. I'm guessing this manufacturer introduced this product for the European Pre3 product and had inventory before the plug was pulled. I bought now cause I don't know how long their inventory will last.

    I'll report follow up if there's anything further to say.
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    I bought the slightly more expensive Privacy Filter screen protector from the same company. The product that was sent to me initially was not a perfect fit (i.e. the sides are slightly narrower than the screen at the bottom) and did not have a hole for the front camera, which I do use quite a bit.

    The company replaced this at no additional charge. The issue with the replacement was that the camera hole was on the wrong side, i.e. on the left not the right of the speaker grille. I manually cut a hole into the first protector and have been using it ever since, though I'm sure the company would have replaced the 2nd screen if I'd taken the time to report the defect to them.

    After a number of weeks usage, the screen protector has sustained some marks/scratches and will need to be replaced at some point. I'm curious if the OP has better experiences than I have wrt the durability/longevity of the product.

    I have had good experiences with the Skinomi branded Pre3 screen protectors, and will likely revert to one of their products.
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    Day 2 and with the DQCM30 and its performing just as I'd hoped. Anti Glare does the job outside and prevents the reflections a clean gorilla glass provides while providing virtually invisibility of the protector. I've also found that using a bit of "Plastic Shine", a product I use on my fountain pens, assists in keeping the screen protector and the soft touch phone back clean and, per product, "protects against smudges and abrasions". See this product, if you're interested, at I also use it on my Touchpad.

    Probably nothing more to report unless the protector develops a problem down the road.
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