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    Been a Verizon Wireless customer going back to 1993. Never used a sim card, or frankly, owned a phone that used one...until the Pre3's arrive tomorrow.

    Does the Pre3 come with a Sim card, and if so who's is it and what can it do?

    Can other Sim cards be added? On other carriers? US, International or both?

    What are the best Sims that will work in the Verizon Pre3 outside the US?

    Thanks...not likely to be a big deal for me, but curious.

    Randy in Florida
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    I doubt it comes with a SIM...

    It should be a regular sized slot not mini or micro.

    I'm not sure how that works in the US? Is it unlocked? Hopefully someone else can answer that.

    Looking at my handy reference site: HP Pre 3 CDMA - Full phone specifications I see that you only have 900 / 1900 / 2100 bands for HSDPA.... That will be a deciding factor on whose SIM you will care to run. No point in having that bad boy stuck on Edge.

    <edit> Straight Talk would be out as it needs 850 band. T-Mo needs 1700. Here's a table of carriers by country to help your research along.
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    mine came with a vzw sim and you have to register it with vzw prior to leaving the country so you can utilize their roaming data. It also should come unlocked as did mine and am using an orange sim as we speak successfully on 3g as well.

    the sim is only for outside the US.

    I would also get the warranty on it if available (ebay's seller has it avail) because of their horrific design of the slider slicing the volume rocker cable in half!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by RumoredNow View Post
    I doubt it comes with a SIM...
    All Verizon Pre3 come with a full size SIM card (Vodafone) with a Verizon symbol. To roam global. I used it to unlock my Veer.

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