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    This morning, 7/3, my AT&T Pre 3, which has been working flawlessly (well, except for usual SW bugs) for the last 9 months, displayed the dreaded "Check SIM-SOS only" status. The (StraightTalk) SIM card works in another phone, and a working AT&T SIM card displays the same symptoms in this Pre 3.

    I have tried:

    - Re-inserting the SIM card to clean the contacts, and powering-on with the back off and pressing on the SIM card holder to ensure good contact.

    - Full erase.

    - WebOS Doctor to 2.2.4 in Recovery mode.

    The phone won't recognise a SIM card is installed, regardless.

    Any thoughts?
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    I was hunting around ebay and saw a Pre3 for sale that had the same problem. The buyer said that some of the contacts had broken off. You could check that, but I've no idea if you can fix it.
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    Maybe a problem with the connectors?

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