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    I am trying to get a reliable voice turn-by-turn navigation for my Pre 3 on Straight Talk. I'm thinking that it's technologically possible, but bureaucratic landmine.

    Here's my thought process:

    - The Pre3 I have is an unlocked ATT phone. It has the ATT Telenav app already installed. This tells me that Telenav does work on WebOS.
    - I have the phone activated and running on Straight Talk. Unlimited data.
    - When I start the ATT Nav App, it gives me an error saying that my account is not authorized for DirectBill. (ATT payments)

    - When I call ATT, they say they can't help me. Same with Straight Talk, and same with Telenav.

    So is there anyone who knows how to get just the ATT Telenav up and running? I don't mind spending the $10 a month, because it would still be less expensive than either Sprint or ATT.
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    I suggest that you try Navit.
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    you -could- try removing the ATT Telenav app and installing the Sprint one which is free on Sprint and might work?
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