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    Hey Guys,

    Just letting you know after a year or two im back in the community officially and will try to help with some development, maybe a google+ app. I had the original pre and used to refresh precentral and even when i got a different phone i still have been reading. Thanks!
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    Welcome back, we need the company
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    welcome back.
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    welcome back
    Here is a direct link to webOS Doc for all carriers
    P.S. if i have helped you and you are thankful please hit the thanks button to the right---->
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    Welcome back. We definitely need more Pre 3 apps!
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    awesome, good to see you back and we look forward to your apps.
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    It's good to see someone coming back_ rather than jumping ship!

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre3 using Forums
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    Welcome back!
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Hiya! I'd love a G+ app, but does Google have an open API to use it? I know that's what's stopping a Latitude app.

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