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    I'm at work right now. I was using my phone on my break with no problem. I pulled out my phone just now and noticed the slider will not open or close smoothly and it sounds (and feels) like it's grinding against something.

    When I get home later where I have a torx to open it with, I'll see if I can find anything, but I just wanted to see if maybe anyone here has had trouble with the slider.

    I've only had it for about three months and had a Pre Plus and a Pre 2 before this (each for longer than I've had this) and never had slider problems (not even oreo problems) so I'm pretty worried... =/
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    k, I got home and opened it up, unscrewed the back plate that the battery fits into (has the camera on it) and tried to pull it out. I couldn't quite get it off (even though the one on my other, defective [sound is busted] Pre 3 has no problem coming on & off), but what little I did move it was apparently enough to get the slider back on track.

    Instead of deleting this thread, I'm gonna leave it open with my solution in case anyone else has the same trouble. The Pre 3 is renowned as rock solid, so I was quite worried.
    The only threads I found on this site were for other devices and suggested to just keep sliding it til it smoother out. =/ I tried to wait until I got home to take it apart properly but I couldn't help but mess with it til I left, though I'm glad I didn't go too far or get too frustrated with it.

    Hope this helps someone in the future.
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    Probably just some grain of sand or dust that got stuck there somehow and you working on it to open it unstuck it.
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    I often get odd bits of grit/dust/hairs etc. in the slider that make it grind a little. Usually a sharp puff of air will sort it, or failing that an electric shaver brush slid under between the 2 halves.

    In fact I often give the unit a once over with the shaver brush anyway - it's surprising how much crud accumulates between the keys and inside the back cover!
    HP Pre 3 (UK)

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