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    My Pre3 used to work pretty flawlessly.

    Over the past 2 weeks however my phone often (3-4 a day sometimes) loses all reception and either goes into "Check SIM-SOS Only" or is constantly "Network Searching"

    A full-on phone restart is the only solution that works to get the reception back.
    Also, my phone has been kind of slugglish lately.

    I have some of the Advanced Patches installed, but thats pretty much it, very few apps.

    Any ideas? is my SIM card cooked?
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    I had this once. Seemed to be the contacts of the SIM (if you have a SIM). I removed the SIM and reinserted it a couple of times (to clean the contacts). Since then it is working fine.
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    I agree with above post, most likely has to do with the sim. I believe issues like this happen often when the sim does not make good contact. I forget which model of pre had this happen a lot but you might try a small piece of paper inserted in the slot to help the sim make better contact.

    Could also be the sim. Can you request a new one from your carrier to try?

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    I had a similar issue this morning. Interesting that this is all happening around the same time. But I removed my SIM and reinserted, and the messages went away.

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