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    So in the body of an email that contains graphics, instead it displays a long hyperlink. And where there should be a link underlined (like a phone number) it isn't live and has ampersands around the ends of the phone number. Anyone know how to fix this? It happened on my VZW Pre2 and now on my VZW Pre3

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    Are you using exchange? Try going straight to the site i.e.,, whatever you use and log in that way. I use an app available in Preware called Mobios by JackInTheBox software that keeps them all handy. If you are trying to see graphics and attachments using the default email app they are a bit tricky to set up because of html protocols and the likes. I know there is a better way that provides synergy notifications AND let's you see your stuff but I've never spent the time figuring it out. If anyone else knows of the RIGHT way to set up email to see our stuff (graphics, attachments, etc) please let me know.

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