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    I currently have some Ultimate Ears 400vi/500vi in-ear-headphones, and to put things simply, they don't really work on my Pre 3.

    The phone only sometimes realises they are in the headphone jack, and takes a few tries to get them noticed (by plugging in and out repeatedly). When its finally in and working, it never notices unplugging them until I press them back halfway to some-how trigger to the Pre 3 that they are unplugged.

    There are controls on the headphones (volume up down and a play/pause button)...none of them work.

    There is also a microphone that doesn't work at all.

    Now before you start complaining about a faulty device, I have some spare other headphones that work fine, and the palm ones, not a problem, all features work (Mic and play/pause and plugging it in and out).

    Before you start complaining about the headphones, I went into the shops yesterday to see how "iBeats" earphones work...brand new earphones, same problem.

    Can someone PLEASE fix this, or make a patch to get it going? Would a software doctor fix? Thanks guys

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    Isnt it also a matter of the headphone connector type - TS, TRS, TRRS (two, three or four contacts)?
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    hi, I have pre3 and use two sets of earphones

    1. Bose in ear set with mic (for taking calls during office hours)
    2. . Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 ( no mic. ) for jogging

    both work fine, every now and then the jack will not get picked up when plugging it in but 99% of time it works fine. Taking calls on the Bose is also okay but by no means exceptional. Folk often complain about quality when outdoors but is usable.

    so I would say in my case I am quite happy with pre3 and earphones and have not encountered many issues.
    not sure if this helps your troubleshooting but this pre3 user has little issue.
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    I ended up buying iBeats earphones.

    They get picked up when I plug them in 99% of the time too. No real issues there. Unplugging them needs me to push them back halfway in, then pull them back out. Minor inconvenience, and better than my Ultimate ears headphones.

    No buttons work on the all. No Mic work either. Very annoying. If I get a call while I'm listening to music, I'm forced to hit the ignore button, and call them back after I get my phone going again.

    Can a patch be written so I can control my phone with my earphones, and use the inbuilt Mic?

    This is really upsetting me.

    After some thought, I decided I'm willing to pay $50 to anyone who can get this functionality going for me and the community. Any takers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by p41m3r View Post
    Isnt it also a matter of the headphone connector type - TS, TRS, TRRS (two, three or four contacts)?
    If the contacts are the black lines.... Three contacts on the iBeats I just bought.

    Looks like 3 on the picture of my previous earphones (Ultimate Ears 400vi)

    Palm ones seem to have 3 too.

    Are they what you meant by "contacts"?
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    Sorta... the metallic parts (left, right, mic/remote, and ground) make contact inside the phone jack and the black bands separate or isolate them. In general, only three contacts are needed for stereo sound (two separating bands). A headset w/ mic or remote uses a fourth contact therefore the plug would have three bands. They are known as TRS in some variation (Tip or left channel, Ring or right channel and Sleeve, the contact point furthest from the tip of the plug).

    These behave differently when plugged into the Pre or another device that senses the plug type as its inserted and removed. Since the jack is standard, Im guessing that the webOS audio or mixer subsystem is where the issue is. Hopefully, an update - or Open webOS - will resolve it.

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