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    Hey WebOS-ers,

    Just wanted to drop you all a line to tell you a really like my new VZW Pre 3. I bought it on ebay from a developer. Activation was an easy call to *228, that way you're not dealing with a person. Now maybe this would have been different if the MEID wasn't in Verizon's system but since it was activation was a snap.

    Its so much bigger than the other Pre family and yet it doesn't look ridiculous, it looks clean and rounded and cool and I think I have just the right size phone here. It holds nicely in the hand, not as nice as the original pre, but it has a superior hand feel to a razr or nexus or iphone.

    The screen is glass and so you shouldn't ever want to drop this but it also is the best part, its beautiful. The resolution is excellent- definitely a couple of steps up. If you've been squinting to read text, those days are over.

    The processor is fast and cards open quickly. I've never had any lagginess. The pre 2 is close to this fast but the Pre 3 is definitely the fastest. Web pages seem to load even faster than the Pre 2.

    The keyboard is even better than the Pre 2. I also think the speaker is better. I had this thing cranking out music and it just sounds better and fuller and louder and cleaner than my Pre 2.

    Overall I think the design and good looks of this phone along with the processor are awesome. Its an orginal and stands out in the crowd. Its all there, people, so if you're on the fence, you won't be dissappointed.



    * one problem I seem to be having is that graphics within the body of an email display not as graphics but as a long hyperlink? Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.
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    One little gripe I have is that the Pre 3 is just about half a cm too wide for me to reach the left side of the keyboard with my thumb comfortably.
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    My biggest gripe with the pre 3 was that it never really got a chance.

    Damn you leo, damn you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MDsmartphone View Post
    My biggest gripe with the pre 3 was that it never really got a chance.

    Damn you leo, damn you.
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    I dropped my sprint Frankenpre2 on the corner and it cracked the glass. it still works but its sometimes a tad flakey. So..... my biggest complaint with the pre3 is that I can't get one on sprint. O what I would do for a sprint pre3. Damn you Leo!
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    Issues I have had was dropping my pre3! lol.. I originally bought a ATT pre3 and ended up droping it cracking the screen.

    Then I went and bought the Verzion pre3 and some (protectors) to go with.. Anyway, My gripe w/ that is:
    1. there isn't enough choices out there.
    2. The back protectors from skinomi .. well I couldn't get the thing to wrap around right. Would always have a crease in the corners where obviously the phone turns and arcs. Just annoying.
    3. I continue to drop the phone & now I have scratches on the side.

    I'm not clumsy, I just always end up w/ 100 things in my hands. I have tried to learn to put the cell phone in my pocket before exiting the car. This & a nice leather case by god knows who have helped me a lot in preserving this expensive masterpiece
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zukny View Post
    Issues I have had was dropping my pre3! lol.. I originally bought a ATT pre3 and ended up droping it cracking the screen.
    Ha. I guess we all do it. I have had my frankenpre for 9months before i cracked it - so I guess that is a good thing.

    But back to the pre3, I can absolutely see where there would be a limited number of compatible accessories. That must be frustrating.
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    TonyCannoli - Please check your inbox - sent you a private message.
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    That sucks about the glass, a feature i did not know about. Ive dropped my pre2 numerous times and so far, so good. U just scared me away from a Pre3.

    Dam u Leo.

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    I dropped my Pre3 just a couple feet, but smack-face-down onto a ceramic toilet lid. I about had a heart attack.

    Magically, it came away without a scratch. I count myself very lucky.

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