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    I have an AT&T Pre3 2.2.4 which has had trouble staying connected to my new home WiFi router. It keeps disconnecting. The phone's WiFi is fine at work and other WiFi hotspots, no lost connections. Just at home. I ran a quicktest on the Pre 3 and it said there was an issue with someof the hardware: Code 20 with the Modem. Anyone know what that means?
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    Not sure but I seem to recall getting errors with modem if not actually connected to a network. To troubleshoot I suggest a complete restart then sit right next to your router and with a good WiFi connection run the tests. If it works then try from further away.

    As many have said and many more have noticed the WiFi on the Pre 3 is terrible at worst and unreliable at best. Fortunately for me I don't need to have WiFi as I have unlimited data but this does not solve any problems.

    If they could have just built this thing with decent radios I would be so much happier (Bluetooth is not much better).

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