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    Had this with both my UK and AT&T Pre3's-- I show up as connected to the Wifi network, but I also have the 3/4G icon lit up, and data appears to be using the 3/4G network instead of Wifi.

    I've used the cycle wifi patch, manually turned wifi off and on, even forced it to connect to a different network, then back again, but it still doesn't want to use wifi for data.

    The only thing that reliably fixes it is to reboot the phone, which is a pain, as I have to remember to check the phone every time I walk back into Wifi range.

    I couldn't find this problem in the forums-- anyone else had it, or found a fix? I've gotten hit on data overages twice now because of this.
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    Strange... Seems to me mine gives priority to wifi over data. I.e if both are activated and I lose connection to wifi I have that pop up asking if I want to turn wifi on before switching to 3G. Is this happening everywhere or just a particular place? Try using wifi only to check if you don't have connectivity issues (before the 2.2.4 update I was having problems to access the net through some netgear access points)

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