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    The ambient light sensor doesn't work well on Pre 3 (in my experience). If I set brightnes to high level (suitable for outdoor activities), it dims a little bit but doesn't dim enough in a darker place. If I set brightness to low level (suitable for indoor), it doesn't increase the backlight enough on outdoor.

    Is it possible to change amibient light sensor sensitivity with a patch or sg.?
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    Try this patch Disable Light Sensitive Dimming This patch prevents the screen brightness from increasing or decreasing based on how bright the environment is. If you choose maximum brightness, your screen will stay at maximum brightness.
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    Yep, I would second that. The light sensitive dimming on the Pre3 is even worse than it was on the original Pre. I find it goes crazy with dimming and brightening every few seconds under fluorescent light which makes the phone really hard to use. I just disable the feature and keep the brightness low - slamming it up if I need to in bright sunlight (rare here in the UK).

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