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    As they are not able to find just the digitizer or just the LCD, they can only replace the entire front housing, for which they quoted $299 for the part with $99 for the labor cost. The guy on the phone basically indicated that I'm better off buying a replacement phone as the cost of the repairs was more than the cost of the phone.

    They do however offer a worldwide shipping option.

    I ended up picking a brand new Pre3 on Craigslist for $250 instead.

    Has anyone come across cheaper options to repair the Pre3 front screen? My touchscreen is perfectly functional with the screen fully viewable, apart from the cracks of course.
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    I'm in the same boat as you. the flex cables that are torn on mine are connected to the LCD. they don't come off so i need a new LCD as well. I'm currently looking for a European repair shop. I'm sure if it was released in Europe there has to be a way to fix it there. If i find anything ill keep ya posted.

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