Hello all,

I was wondering where to buy a Pre 3 apart from amazon.com or ebay?

That will send to an FPO?

Anybody got any good links, suggestions?

I have a Touchpad and kep flick back and forward between webOS and Android, i love them both. I currently have a Samsung Nexus S as a phone but am bored of it (i kindda miss the QWERTY keyboard of the Pre 2). So as i think the touchpad will fulfill my android needs i want to go back to the slicker webOS which as a phone OS, and not an entertainment machine, is probably the best OS i have used( I have used BB7 WP7/.5 and Android from 2.1 - 4.04) I really enjoyed my Pre 2 until i lost it and would like to give the Pre 3 a try now, with added support for Skype (FF Camera) and i love the gesture area and slidy keyboard. Getting hold of one is VERY RARE i know any suggestions would be great :-)