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    What happens is I'll slide to unlock, then when I go to launch anything, text messaging, open a browser window, whatever, I'll tap on that icon. The screen will give the graphic that I've tapped there, but then...nothing. I'll keep tapping, slow, fast, hard, soft, makes no difference. After an annoyingly long time to respond (5-10 seconds, reliably) it will then realize I've been asking it to do something and do it. This only happens when I'm unlocking the screen, and not after it's been unlocked and is sitting there.

    Any thoughts?

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    My first suggestion is to try a reboot, but you have probably tried that already.

    The next steps I would try would be to eliminate any patches or newly installed patches. Are you using other than the stock kernel? If so revert back to stock and see how it does. Also if using uberkernel or one of the other kernels I would try changing settings.

    Last step is to doctor, which although somewhat time consuming is not a big deal.

    Good luck.

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    get preware app 'lumberjack' and watch the log for 'everything' directly after unlock if there is an exclusive error there.

    these are NOT to worry about:

    [2012-05-23 14:10:16] (LunaSysMgr) user.crit: PIN WINDOW DEACTIVATED!, file:///usr/palm/frameworks/enyo/0.10/framework/build/enyo-build.jsjsjs:$75$
    [2012-05-23 14:10:16] (LunaSysMgr) user.crit: UI.event(): Event received: 'lockstage_deactivate', current state: 'calllog', file:///usr/palm/frameworks/enyo/0.10/framework/build/enyo-build.jsjsjs:$75$
    [2012-05-23 14:10:16] (activitymanager[1533]) user.warning: [activitymanager.activitymanager] Can't remove focus from [Activity 401], which is not focused
    [2012-05-23 14:10:16] (LunaSysMgr) user.crit: com.palm.systemui: SystemUI - Phone Notification {"eventSignal": {"rssi": 89, "bars": 3, "maxBars": 5, "value": 89}, "returnValue": true}, palmInitFramework2112:14

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