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    I just found a lot of info on this matter on the Original Pre forums. I just got an used (really new look, though) Pre 3 with some minor defects which I used to fix my origanl Pre's outer ring/case. It was indeed very easy as the plastic part was jutst connected to it, no screws or stronger adhesives. Whatever.

    So, I want to use this phone as an MP3 player, small internet and as a substitute for my gameboy and for Skype phone calls (the phone can not do any phone call).

    I was just wondering if I can have two (2) different Pre3 on the same Palm/HP Profile, so I do not need to re-install, uninstall all the stuff I have on the phone. If it is possible since the touchpad arrived (I saw many threads related to a touchpad and normal Pre / Pixi and even Veer, but no Pre 3).

    Does anyone know if it will work? Thanks!
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    No you cannot have the same profile on 2 Pre3s. It isn't possible. Same with a Veer and a Pre3, you need 2 profiles. Once you sign in on the second phone, it wipes the first.
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    You can 'stop' one of the devices from 'wiping' so that it will keep your apps, memos, and still receive email, surf etc. That device will not be connected to palm profile so no backups, app catalog or updates.

    Go here for info and case study:
    StopDeviceWipe - WebOS Internals
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