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    When attempting to open my Pre3 case, I screwed up and cracked the case. I'm attaching a photo to show where the crack/hole is. Two questions: 1) now that I have screwed up the integrity of that part of my phone, which means dirt/dust will get into that part of my Pre3, anyone have a guess on what damage might happen if I don't fix it/repair it? and 2) Anyone have any ideas on what material I can use to plug the hole, without damaging the inside components?

    Advice - open the case as the instructions suggest ... otherwise, risk doing to your Pre3 what I did to mine ... argh!!
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    Maybe some electrical tape, cut to fit over the hole and around it some, on the bezel, stretched tightly?

    Not sure if it would work, but maybe worth a, quick fix...

    Good luck!
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    Try epoxy putty, be careful not to stick it on a moving part. Paint it black while still malleable.
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    A device is not a webOS device without a proper number of cracks.
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    I had a similar crack on my case. I managed to get a damaged Pre3 and change the "outer ring". It is indeed only connected and a little bit glued (very, very bad, IMVHO). Perhaps you can have from someone here on the forums a damaged Pre and fi yours.

    P.S. I will try to "refurbish" the damaged pre I got and will (hopefuly) sell it on e-bay (still need a 3rd one, though).

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