Switched from a Pre Plus on Verizon to a new Pre 3 which I love, but I noticed an email problem that didn't happen on the Pre Plus. For an Exchange account I have, if I go the to Drafts folder it updates and starts copying mail from the Inbox. This is a Groupwise account thru NotifyLink to make it an Exchange account so it can work with the phone.

For my other email accounts, Verizon and Gmail, there is no such problem.

Note also that in NotifyLink the actual drafts folder for Groupwise (Work in progress) does not show up, so you couldn't get it on the phone even if you wanted to.

I tried removing the account and recreating it twice (told it to remove the data IIRC), rebooted, took out the battery, unregistered and reregistered the phone with NotifyLink, etc., and the problem is still there.

It's not a feature but is it a bug? Any suggestions? BTW, where are the email folders stored -- maybe I should remove the account and then remove the folders, then re-create the account.