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    Quote Originally Posted by dkirker View Post
    No need to be concerned. The nicks are just etchings. The only real concern is to see if the device is EVT, DVT, or PVT/Production. You want a DVT or PVT device (EVT is a very early model, PVT is generally production, typically a beta/pilot device).
    I too just bougth a Pre 3 on eBay this weekend that looks to be a development / testing model. I appreciate your post, as I was a little confused with the line etchings and Serial Numbers on the back and side. Is there a way to determine from the serial number, model number, or hardware version that I have a later testing model ( PVT or DVT)? I called HP Webos customer support and they couldn't or wouldn't give me any help. If I have a later model, I'll probably keep the phone. If not, I'll send it back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BajaricaN View Post
    I also received a very similar model of a 16GB Hp Pre 3 yesterday, however I am sending it back. The box is just like the EU version. The model itself is black (I believe the AT&T model is dark blue). It has 3 incisions, one above the screen and one on the left and right sides, It also has a pair of branded serial numbers one on the right side, and on the back. There's also an imprint on the back, like if there was once a sticker there, and not to mention the box's serial number does not match the serial numbers on the phone. I have the phone hooked up to my carrier which is Straight Talk (which is compatible with the Pre phones) and wi-fi network, but for some reason I can't download any apps from the App Catalog, I can't update the pre-installed apps, and I can't update the system's HP webOS without each of these tasks ending with error messages and ultimately failing. When I contacted an HP webOS agent and gave the serial number that was on the box, they immediately told me that this version of HP Pre 3 is a UK model and that I need to contact them for help. That was enough for me to want a refund.
    From what I understand, the 16GB models are US (NA) and the 8GB are UK. Mine has this on the box end label:
    It is also 16GB.
    Some other curious things about mine,
    Under the battery, the word PROTOTYPE imprinted along with the other identifying numbers.
    A barcode that says Oracle SKU# XXXX on the box end label.
    Is mine a device initially released to or purchased a company (Oracle in this instance) for early product developement?
    I was having the same problems you were having. It wouldn't find my current Palm Profile that I have a Pre 2, and 2 touchpads associated with. It would let me create another profile, but I couldn't find this profile via the Palm account manager. I was able to install Preware, and put Impostah on it. Impostah could 'see' this new profile, and I could even access it via the 'Activate' tab. I still wasn't able to install apps from the Catalog, all new app installs would give me a 'failed install' message. I too was using Straight Talk.
    What finally turned the tide for me on my Pre3 was a webOS Doctor to the latest version, 2.2.4. Once the OS was updated to 2.2.4, and after setting up the APN and MSN based on another Pre3 on Straight Talk Forum post, I was able to get this device added to my existing Palm Profile/Account. I was able to see this new phone in my account in the Palm Account management site. Now things started to happen. Any system apps updated, and I was able to add apps from the App Catalog.

    I'm satisfied with my Pre3, having a few minor issues, trying to get Skype functional, have had a few reboots. I think these will iron themselves out too.
    Again, it was the Doctoring to 2.2.4 that did the trick for me. I hope you get your money back on this, or get it work as I did.
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    It sounds like the test models are set to the developer servers -- no app catalog, no web management. You should be able to use a public doctor to set it up for the public servers -- assuming you have a device that has a published doctor.

    Developers were able to doctor back and forth so they could test their apps without putting them in the app catalog.
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