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    I got a pre3 on Verizon's network and despite their endless calls to get me to 'upgrade' I have not been tempted.

    my 3 is rock solid, only had to do a force reboot about 3 times in my time with it, my wife on her droid charge requires one at least bi weekly. I will admit LTE was FAST when we first started with big red, but now as more and more jump on it, its not that much better than their 3G, and nowhere as stable, the same thing happend when we jumped to the evo4g on sprint, WiMAX was rush till about a month out when users flushed in.

    for the ics stuff.... There IS a difference between multitasking ACTIVE vs RECENT apps...why can't droid users/promoters get that?

    anywho seems too many threads out here about issues that come and go, shout out some love for your pre3!
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    I LOVE MY ATT PRE 3! (...there, I said it!)
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    I love my Pre 3 .... Im on ATT goPhone plan with unlimited data for $50 a month.... Will keep it prob til the iphone 5 or something really magical comes along. I need to get a mungen battery soon tho!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ziplock View Post
    I love my Pre 3 .... Im on ATT goPhone plan with unlimited data for $50 a month.... Will keep it prob til the iphone 5 or something really magical comes along. I need to get a mungen battery soon tho!
    Same here. Something revolutionary has to happen to change my Pre3 (maybe a Blackberry with the new OS and physical QWERTY). I use the factory size Mugen it's not a miracle but gives some extra juice on heavy days.
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    I'm still in love with my Pre3 too. I wouldn't swap it for any phone available today & I can't see the iphone 5 tempting me without a 'real' keyboard.
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    Love my whife, my son, our dog (no, we do not have a dog) and our 2 PRE 3 on O2 (O2 Rocks! - Ok, OK, 3G internet coverage should be better...).
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    Had my AT&T Pre 3 since February, and still love it. Not sure how I would feel if I didn't have another source for my app fix, but the sacrifice is worth it for a great OS.
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    I paid full boat for my ATT Pre3 a mere week or two after paying full boat for a EU Pre3. Still love it and while I could've paid less, I don't feel like I overpaid. I agree with previous posts, unless and until some super device WITH a physical keyboard comes out, I have no reason to change phones. Despite it's occasional foibles, webOS is great. And the Pre3 is the perfect size. But, I do see a day when things necessitate jumping to another platform. Let's hope it's long off.
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    The greatest phone that I have ever held in my hands! Oh, and I goto best buy a lot to play w/ the toys lol!

    I feel more comftorable texting on the pre3 than any phone I have ever had & played w/ before. So important for me!
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    Bought two AT&T Pre3 from ebay at a reasonable price and after owning all the webOS phones and two tablets, I'm still very happy with the Pre3! Although I was a sprint user for 13 years I had to switch to AT&T for my pre3s' ! I paid a hefty hefty! Deposit on AT&T which sucked but have been devoted to webOS after using an Instinct from Sprint and getting my first pre in 09'! Yes, I've tried the iphone 4s and hated everything about it! Same with some of the android phones, Just dreadful trying to do anything functional in either of those os's! I will not be using another phone until webOS comes on another phone. Yeah if your a teeny bopper you will get more enjoyment from the toy like phones from android and apple, even windows phones. If your into just games and not really knowing what a smartphone is for then by all means don't get a Pre series phone. WebOS and Pre³ are just perfect for its abilities to out perform in usefulness then any other out there!

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    indeed, hp really did have a chance beating out RIM and taking over business class...alas...

    the pre3 is solid, comfortable and quick...I just can't pick up another phone and have the 'wow this is useful and intuitive'
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    $500 dollars spent on my VZW Pre 3.

    No regrets. I love this thing.
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    I love my PRE3. It was the reason I finaly upgraded from my PalmTX to a smartphone.
    I wish HP had kept producing it, and I wish HP did something to
    1. Open up the catalog in such a way that people from non-catalog countries could purchase Apps
    2. Make a deal with reluctant developers to subsidize popular Apps (Whatsapp, Waze). Developers need the confidence that they will not lose money on a platform that does not look sexy to them yet.

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    the only problem with the pre 3 is the Tech world knows nothing. I have to wonder about the tech blogs and journalists , webOS should have been heralded as the greatest os ever written for mobile devices. The early hardware sucked but the pre 3 is the best.
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    I love my pre3 and take great pride in showing off TTS with my touchpad. the keyboard is easily the best I've ever used and having it OC'd really takes away the sluggishness and doesn't affect batter life too much.

    That said, if an update for the Veer ever comes enabling TTS i would drop the pre3 for its little brother. The amount of phone envy i get when i use my veer is incredible. Ive had at least 5 people in the last week ask me if its still available (im in the UK so the answer is always sadly NO). I only wish it could be patched without causing performance issues...

    typical story, the last 2 phones HP released were the best ever and least supported in the market. Ho Hum
    Touchpad 4G, Pre3
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    Big love for my Pre 3 here in Spain! Bought it free as a bird for a reasonable amount from Expansys (hence the french keyboard, which is no problem at all).
    Pre 3 on GSM Jazztel: UberKernel, Muffle logging & friends, Mode Switcher, Advanced System Menus & Prefs, and then some more.

    Proudly choosing the loser side since 1982: Commodore VIC-20, C-64, Amiga 1000 & 3000, bPlan Pegasos & MorphOS, Psion Revo, Palm Pre...
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    Best phone I've every owned. I get compliments all the time from the Apple sheep around me.
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    Another spanish fan fall in love for his Pre3 qwerty. Bought in UK eBay for 350€.
    September is coming.
    Spanish translator of Outline Tracker, UberCalendar, sconix's advanced patches, and other MIA webOS apps. HP Pre 3 and HP TouchPad 64 GB (Espaņol_Espaņa, es_es)
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    Being in love with my Pre 3 is never having to say I'm sorry for buying it Seriously though, even after 7 months, the thrill is still there, by far the best phone I have ever owned.
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    I love my Pre3. Sadly I probably never would have gotten it if not for the TP Firesale. I'd been interested in webOS for a couple years and even considered a Pre3 but the delays in it's release made me just stick with BlackBerry. It's the best operating system of any phone I've ever used.

    I've got nothing but good things to say about the hardware. The phone is really rock solid. Sure I wish it had a "better" camera, retina display, microSD slot, and NFC support but it does everything I need it to and is fast at that.

    I've heard nothing but positive things said by people seeing me using my phone. I love the form factor and features it has that no other phone on the market does. I can't wait until I can load Open webOS on it with ACL.
    Devices: Pre3 16GB (AT&T - webOS 2.2.4) | White TouchPad 4G 32GB (AT&T - webOS 3.0.5 + LunaCE)
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