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    Ok.. I don't play video games.. I really don't But I love having the option.. I even buy video games sometimes.. I've most recently noticed I ONLY BUY gameloft games.. They seem to be the only ones that come out in 3d and are actually well thought out..

    Much easier passing time on a gameloft game then per say.. SOLITARE!

    so I'm pretty sure gameloft has made some games for the touchpad.. but what about the pre3 and pre+??? I see a few on there (from like 2010) but nothing new!

    I am dying for a NFL football game personally..and would almost consider buying the gameloft game from 2010 (SADLY)

    ANyway so my point is.. Does anyone know when they pulled out of webOS smart phone business? Do they plan on jumping back in? are they back in? Do we have a plan to bother them until they do??? Petition? Emails? Ideas?
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    I don't think you will see much out of Gameloft for webOS for a few months (at least). Until companies see the market reaction to the direction HP is taking the platform, it doesn't pay much for them to bring apps in. I've just accepted the fact that it's going to be quite quiet for that stuff for some time.
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    Gameloft has them for the pre. I have Brothers in Arms:Hour of Heros and Modern Combat:Sandstorm. They have a bunch of titles in the app store, curious though some titles seem to disappear/reappear from it. Both of the games I've mentioned have been on and off the list there.
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    if you bought their games previously then apptuckerbox lets you pley them on the pre3/touchpad just fine, tho some require their metadata.json file altered slightly.

    same with Hexage games, the bulk of theirs can xfer to other devices as well, esp their touchpad only games, they work fine on the pre3 and even rotate to the correct orientation.
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    I just noticed some of their titles are still at $.99-N.O.V.A., Real Soccer 2010, The Oregon Trail HD, Asphalt 5 HD, Brothers in Arms, Gangster and Assassin's Creed (all for the Pre, Pre 2).
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    They are busy making loads of money at iOS land
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    Gameloft have been faily quiet for all platforms lately as they appear to have had a change of strategy. Rather than making full games they have turned to pushing out series of DLC micro transaction games where a game is free but gun packs, health, armour etc are payed for.
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    Gameloft site shows other apps on sale, Modern Combat for example, but it's not in the app catalog. I know we can use app tuckerbox to get discontinued apps already purchased, is there a way to buy discontinued apps?

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