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    Hi !

    I've had my HP Pre 3 for a long time, and never posted here to talk about this issue, so there am I.

    I don't know if it's also the case for other HP Pre 3 owners but ...:

    - When I call someone, there isn't the famous sound that says "please wait" (you know, the "tuuuuut, tuuuut"). There is no sound at all, and the only thing written on the Pre 3 is "connecting".

    In fact, the only way to know whether you are calling or not (and if it is working - see below) is to wait for your correspondant to eventually answer. Otherwise, no sound, and the call drops a few seconds later (and you end up on the call box).

    I don't make much phone calls with this my Pre 3, but this is extremely annoying.

    It is not the only issue concerning phone calls : sometime I can't call at all (the calls drop immediately), or the phone screen becomes black/the phone reboots while trying to call !

    It is sometime very frustrating, because you see "connecting" written but in fact, you can't know whether the phone call is working or not (no sound, and frequent drops...) .

    Does anyone knows how to fix it ?

    PS : I own a European 8Gb HP Pre 3, running on Bouygues Telecom network (France). I also have lots of Preware patches installed.
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    This is definitely not normal. Was it doing it even when it was brand new and with NO patches applied ?
    If yes, skip
    If no ... what patches did you add ? You may want to remove them one at a time and see if things change. As last resort (if all get removed but the issue remains) a visit to the doctor.
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    Well, I actually don't remember, but let's try removing the patches and see if it is related...
    Will be quite long!

    edit : seems like other french users have the same issue as me, let's ask in WebosFrance forums...
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    I get this on my pre2 when using my xlink gateway bluetooth device. Bluetooth on WebOS lately has become a horrid mess. Things that were working fine on 1.4.5 are all broken now. Touchpad can't stream to pretty much any device with Enyo apps (but legacy and PDK apps work fine), etc.

    Not that this helps you, but I get the same problem, but only with bluetooth. No ringing sound, just the 'hello?' at the other end when the call is picked up. Annoying.
    : (){:|:&};:
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    Well, it isn't related to Bluetooth, since I don't use it !

    Anyway, I am not the only french user to have this problem, lots of use don't hear a sound when calling and the Pre 3 often reboots while phoning.

    We think this is due to the network. Some have managed to fix this by downgrading to 2.2.0 but it doesn't work for everbody.

    We hope HP will fix this with 2.2.5... Any idea otherwise ?

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