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    The pre3 display and its resolution are great, but many applications are not updated and display a black bar on bottom.
    Also, some PDK apps (such as some games) does not work well on our phone.

    The fixes for both of those issues are explained here:

    But apply them to all of the installed applications is not that great.

    So I made a little script that does all the work for us.

    NOTE: This free work is distributed *AS-IS* without any warranty.

    Install/Upgrade the script:

    Fire up a terminal, then:

    wget -O /usr/local/bin/
    chmod +x /usr/local/bin/

    Executing the script:

    From a terminal, execute:

    to apply the fixes to any installed package


    to apply the fixes only on the specified application.

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    Who already tried this? Why no answer? Does anyone could tell me if it works this measure?

    I've seen! Sorry!
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    the part that fixes regular apps can work, the only issue is that soem background images dont scale/stretch to fit and need manually changed tho the app will still use the full screen.

    the "fix" for pdk apps sort of works, it doesnt make the apps use full screen, it tells the app that its running on an ancient pre model, as such the app will use a lower resolution/quality which typically just gets old stuff running, its pot luck if the screen will be fully used or not and even then the image quality will be very low.

    to "fix" or try to fix an app to work and hopefully scale well on a pre3, you need to alter the metadata.json file, inside are a set of numbers which relate to a device, typically 101 is the lowest common denominator and has the most compatability with older apps and is at least worth trying first just to see if it works.

    Ive done this on old games such as N.O.V.A, The Settlers, NFSU, Dungeon Hunter (nearly all old gameloft stuff), and lots more, however if you want to see if they will run a a higher quality try device ID 501, 601 or 701 or even -1 (some apps/games like worms do adjust quite nicely to fill the pre3 screen), save then launch the app in question, if it works then n1, if not try a different ID, if none work default back to 101.

    as a 2nd part you can also edit appinfo.json and add "uiRevision": 2, if its not already there, its rare tho this has fixed anything for me and this afaikafaikafaik $doesnt$ $apply$ $to$ $pdk$ $apps$ $only$ $enyo$/$etc$.

    Playing with metadata.json tho has the biggest effect, its also worth playing with it when experimenting and forcing touchpad apps onto the pre3 as well.
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