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    I have used a Pre 3 for about a month and Dr Battery says my health is 99%. Why is it decreasing so fast? Should I stop using certain patches?
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    Was it ever 100%? I would be more concerned with the next drop. Also, if you figure at 85% or so a battery is pretty much done and 2 years would be a long life in most cases then you might be somewhat on that schedule.

    Mine has been at 98% for several months and started at 100% in October I think.

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    My Mugen battery shows 97% after months of use... meh, if I have to give Mugen another $40 to keep my unicorn alive, it is what it is. Haven't used my stock battery since I got the Mugen so no clue what the health is. If I think about it, I might throw it in this weekend, run it thru a few cycles and see what it says.

    Oh and if you don't use TS/TTS, you can get the XL Mugen battery, I know some folks that swear by it.
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    What makes you think that 1% loss after a month is fast?

    LiIon are only good for a couple of years. And long before that you'll see some gradual loss of capacity.

    Also the capacity is an educated best guess approximation. You have an app that gives you a nice simple number - but the chemical reality behind that is not quite so linear.

    All batteries loose capacity all the time - most of your gadgets just dont have an app to tell you so and a % or 2 is not really noticable in practice.
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    Wow. I'm glad I am not doing badly at all.

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