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    I noticed that mail subfolders, that are long time removed from my Exchange (Outlook 2007) account at work, are still visible and accessible in my Pre3 mail app. However I cannot get them removed.. I already removed the whole account, restarted and added the account again, but these folders keep popping up..
    They look like 'widowed' folders, visible in the map tree.
    Anyone know how to get rid of this? Is a patch availbale?
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    Are the folders by any chance nested under the Deleted Items folder in Outlook?
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    No, I made sure I emptied the Deleted items before checking...
    I did some tests today with the sysmanager, but the Exchange server seems to act ok. Folders that were deleted in Outlook, were also removed from the Exchange server. However, these deleted folders are still'visible as 'orphans' in the Pre3 mail app. No way to get rid of them.. Maybe doctoring would help, but that's not a definite solution to the problem...
    I'll report this as a bug...

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