Database objects.db grew from 10MB to 23MB in just one month.
When I have erased my Pre 3 and reinstalled applications, phone log .... from HP WebOS account the objects.db was 10Mb, I haven't checked how large it became aftery syncing all. Well everything was working OK.

After one month I have experienced strange behaviour of my Pre 3.
Camera application was not abble to run, just got grey screen.
After I have deleted all photos in DCIM directory, camera application was working again.
I have than copied all photos back to DCIM and everything was working till next morning when I got the same problem.
I have again deleted all photos and all was working OK, I even shot one photo and next morning (today) I got this message "The application database is almost full". I didn't resterted phone at once. I made a backup of phonebook and all relevant stuff first and than deleted all patches from Preware, erased complete phone and doctored.
Now all is back and objects.db is 8,5MB.

Does anybody have a clue how this happened?
According to a posts in this forum this problem can be related to restore from HP webOS Account, but only on transition from 1.4.5 to 2.2.3. or 2.2.4, but mine was new created account.

Is there now a way to backup messages (Save/Restore had this option once), Call Log (export to CVS is available through patch 2.2.3) and Memos and to be able to import them back to be able to skip HP webOS Account restore