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    In I've noted some errors in /var/log/messages immediately before a system crash. Not in every case but certainly some. Example:

    2012-04-21T05:35:48.111236Z [35] webos-device user.crit ls-hubd: {ls-hubd.private}: Error in /home/reviewdaemon/projects/nova/oe/BUILD-mantaray/work/luna-service2-2.0.0-131.2/131.2/src/hub/security.c:1157
    2012-04-21T05:35:48.111785Z [35] webos-device user.crit ls-hubd: {ls-hubd.private}: Unable to get permission from JSON (/usr/share/ls2/roles/prv/com.palm.mediad.pipeline.json)
    2012-04-21T05:35:48.172119Z [35] webos-device user.crit ls-hubd: {ls-hubd.private}: Error in /home/reviewdaemon/projects/nova/oe/BUILD-mantaray/work/luna-service2-2.0.0-131.2/131.2/src/hub/security.c:1240, Error opening directory '/var/mft/palm/ls2/roles/prv': No such file or directory
    2012-04-21T05:35:48.311523Z [35] webos-device kern.notice kernel: pmklogd started

    My device does not have directories /home/reviewdaemon or /var/mft. Why are these directories being called and how can I stop it? It may or may not fix the crashing but calling non-existent directories is hardly best practice.

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