So, my employers finally made it so we could get email on our phones through Lotus Notes Traveler, and with a bit of head scratching I was able to get it working on my Pre 3, alongside my google IMAP accounts.

However, after a couple of days of having it running I've noticed that my battery life has deteriorated markedly. Beforehand I was getting just over a day, but now it seems to be draining at the rate of around 10% or more per hour.

I have uberkernel installed overclocked to 1.6Ghz and it's set to step down when the screen is off, and Govnah seems to report that the processor is scaling itself properly - down to 122Mhz. I also have patches installed for muffling system logging and the suchlike - all installed to help with the TMC issue as well as battery life. I also have ModeSwitcher installed which when I'm out and about only switches on 3G when i have an active card that needs it and for a minute every hour, although since setting up EAS I've been mostly on wifi. I thought I would use ModeSwitcher to tell the EAS account to sync every hour to see if that would help (the account itself seems to have no options for setting a polling time so I assume it's always on, which I guess is what a push email service should do, or it's because my employers have set it up that way) but that's made no difference at all, and the problem may be slightly worse but it's hard to tell.

From searching the forums, most people seem to say that their battery life has improved after setting up EAS, so I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong. Oh and I've not doctored the phone since the 2.2.4 update - I hate doctoring as my home doesn't get 3G and it takes an age to restore to the point where I can turn on wifi again.

Can anyone help?