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    Please help me!

    I used PDF Redux for Pre3 Webos 2.2.4 and It worked.

    but I've got some problems with this patch:

    In Landscape view mode, It can't load all the page like Image: Pdf-viewer-pdf-redux-2.jpg; I just see 1/2 of page. (file two) (I worked on webos 1.4.5 emulator)
    So, how can I make the landscape view like Pdf-viewer-pdf-redux-2.jpg (file one)

    What is the code line to fix this problem in Pdf redux patch?

    Thank for your attention!

    Jan 2013 - Update for the rotation:
    I done the rotation with this help: (but with some fixes)
    the pdf viewer is rotated - voila!!!. And now I can rotate and lock the rotation by this software in this topic:
    And do it more comfortable with this post: (the rotation lock in the New menu)

    So the Palm pre 3 is better for my works....

    The problem is I'm finding how to load, room and see all the vertical page?
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    sb help me?
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    I do with this help: Talk:Patch PDF Viewer Change Orientation - WebOS Internals

    but I can't load all page of pdf too. How can I fix that????
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    Help meeeeee

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