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    I am using VPN with PPTP on my Touchpad since the plugin came out and it works great!

    The plugin can also be installed on the Pre3 using App Tuckerbox, but it does not work since the kernel doesn't have the necessary modules.

    For a short while there was a 2.4.0 (I think) custom-compiled UberKernel that seemed to work with PPTP, but it vanished again.
    I sadly don't have the Linux-skills to compile a kernel; is there any kernel available that includes the PPTP-modules? Or anyone who can compile UberKernel including these modules?

    It would be amazing if anyone could come to my rescue, I'm definitely willing to (beta)test it and help out in any way I can!
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    Major bump!

    This is the one lacking function (PPTP VPN) that cripples my Pre3 when I'm not in the US.

    Any talented kind soul willing to have go? I'd gladly donate!

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