View Poll Results: Which way you achieve better battery life on your Pre 3?

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  • E-mail sync AS ITEMS ARRIVE

    3 23.08%
  • E-mail sync set for a certain period (i.e. 15 minutes)

    8 61.54%
  • No difference

    2 15.38%
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  1. vba
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    I've read on several forums that you can get longer battery life on webos if you set e-mail sync on "as items arrive", but I had experienced that is not true.

    Therefore today I've tested it on my German Pre (2.2.4, Google Apps Gmail sync set as Exchange server) with the following results (two times 1 hour testing for each syncing methods)

    As items arrive: 4%, 5% battery drain / hour
    Sync account every 10 minutes: 1,4%, 2% battery drain / hour

    Testing method:
    - Tested with Battery Meter
    - 2G only
    - phone was idle for 1 hour (display off, no phone calls, 1-2 e-mails dropped in only)
    - 1 e-mail account (google apps mail sync set as exchange)
    - messaging services offline
    - one card was open: Battery Meter
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    I do it manually and hit sync when reading email on the phone.
    No battery problem here yet.
    Running WebOS v2.24 on HPalm Pre3
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    Battery life increased noticeably for me when I changed from 'as emails arrive' to 'every 15 minutes'.
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    It is definitely better with a 15 min cycle. Even better if you use EAS instead of IMAP and to top it you can use Modeswitcher to turn of data completely and turn it on every 15 min.
    Have my Pre3 with regular battery and I easily go out with a 50% left in the evening.

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