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    I wanted to run this situation by you all before I continue to pursue it with AT&T.

    I have always had great data service with AT&T at home. The past three evenings, when I've tried using the internet I have nothing. After some investigating, I cannot access the internet within a mile of my house from pretty much any direction. However, if I am on a call, I can access the web.

    I called last night and they say there are no outstanding issues with the network, yada yada.

    I think it has to be a network issue. I don't have abnormal issues accessing data other places. What do you all think?

    I'm running an unmodified Pre 3 running 2.2.4.


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    i have experienced this. not able to get data or to the internet. Its poor att service sometimes. . The issue went away for me. I expect they were working on the MATRIX.

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