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    Seems that the TouchPad has it along with Gorilla Glass, but no mention of whether the Pre3 has it as well?

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    yes, the pre3 has the same coating.
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    If it is, it doesn't dislike it very much. :-)
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    I love the coating.

    I just don't love the screen. Yes, Gorilla Glass is awesome. But the screen is not resistant against smudges. Spilled 2 drops of water 1 time and I can't get it fully cleaned since. It always smudges up even though I never spilled anything again. That's my only gripe about the Pre 3.
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    Thanks guys! Yeah, I wondered whether there was a coating based on how many smudges the screen attracts.

    The reason I ask is that I have two tiny scratches on my screen and was thinking of getting a scratch remover (like iDrops which seems to work alright on glass/Gorilla Glass screens) -- but heard that these can be abrasive to oleophobic coatings...

    So I guess that's out -- any other suggestions perhaps on what I can do to repair the scratches?
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    I find that the most effective way to avoid fingerprints is to wash my hands before use. Not particularly convenient, but effective. :-)
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    On my two PRE2 there were a kind of oleophobic but this coating didn' t last long (I'm a cleaning fetishist). On my PRE3 there was no oleophobic but I found a really good solution for the smudges - I use a so called "Nano Gloss" polish (see on TV advertisement or car accessories). I use it once a week - I think the content is enough for the next decade.

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